Food photography – which lens? Surely each of us has ever seen wonderful pictures of food. They are visible, for example, in the advertisements of popular restaurant chains. In practice, however, these are specialized materials prepared on prepared food. What lens seems to be the most optimal for taking food photos? What accessories will you need to photograph food? Can good light and our creativity matter in practice? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

The basis is a sharp and bright lens

If we would like to start our adventure with culinary photography, then we do not have to decide to change the equipment to the latest model, the price of which is sometimes even several thousand zlotys. If we have a classic digital SLR camera, or a modern mirrorless camera, which offer image quality up to ISO 800, then we can certainly handle this type of photos. However, before we change the camera, it seems to be a much better solution to invest in a bright lens.

Each of the manufacturers is able to offer us glasses that are perfect for photographing food. However, if the price of these elements turns out to be too high, then it is possible to use other products that may prove to be just as good. But why is buying new glass so important? It is worth realizing that in food photography, the most important thing is the above-average detail of the photos . In practice, this means that the lens must be sharp, because every detail can be important. Any good lens should have a short focusing distance, but it’s important to be creative.

Surely many people wonder, therefore, which lens is worth considering. It turns out that three groups are the most optimal: bright universal zoom lenses, macro lenses, and prime lenses. The first group includes lenses with a focal length of 17-50 mm. Such lenses are the most universal, while guaranteeing satisfactory sharpness of expression. The second group are prime lenses. They are considered the sharpest glasses that guarantee excellent quality. Their drawback is that they are not very universal, which is quite troublesome for many.

What accessories for food photography?

Contrary to appearances, photographing food is not the easiest thing to do. Often when we photograph food, we work with slightly longer exposure times, provided the food is still. Therefore, if we want the frame to be sharp and the dish to stand out in detail, then the most reasonable solution seems to be to close the lens aperture. Values ​​of f/11 should be completely satisfactory. This setting and at the same time low ISO values ​​are a guarantee of extending the exposure time – a fairly good tripod will be useful for this.

At the beginning of our adventure with photography, a high tripod should be sufficient, which is universal, while its price should close around PLN 200. However, if we want to develop in the photographic industry, then it is worth thinking about a high and universal tripod. This is especially important if we are going to photograph food on a large countertop. Depending on which tripod we choose, we will adopt a slightly different strategy for taking pictures.

Therefore, you should realize that a tripod is a necessary accessory, and consequently food photography should be included in the set. In addition to a tripod and a lens, a background may be necessary. According to specialists, the most reasonable seems to be vinyl, because it is possible to keep it clean. In addition, the mounting system is not too problematic, which is certainly encouraging.

Light and creativity – do these factors matter?

Regardless of what equipment we choose, taking good photos is possible as long as we have the right light and show above-average creativity. In practice, a good photo consists of many factors, but the most important ones include the aesthetics of the dish, good light, and creativity. Freshly baked homemade bread is a prime example. It will look best in a rural arrangement. It is worth putting the loaf on the countertop, or possibly on the table, and sprinkle it with flour.

Napkins can be placed on the background. If possible, the source of light should be the real sun that comes through the window. If this is not possible, then we can use a lamp with yellow light. In this case, the simpler the arrangement, the better the end result. It looks a bit different when the main object of interest is a burger. Then it is possible to put it on a plate – the whole thing will look very attractive.

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