How does the podiatry office work? Podiatry is undoubtedly an area of ​​cosmetology that is developing more and more dynamically in Poland. Therefore, it becomes a besieged field of study, and after graduation, many people decide to set up their own office. What does podology do and how to prepare for running your own business?

What is Podology?

Podiatry is a branch of knowledge that combines elements of medicine, diabetology, surgery, dermatology, orthopedics and cosmetology. It is also a great idea for a business that can be carried out both stationary and mobile. The clients of podologists are often athletes, as well as clients with mobility limitations and specific diseases within the skin, joints, metabolism or various deformities.

Therefore, podiatry is a diagnostic process that is used to identify various ailments and diseases, as well as specialized treatments  and foot care. Therefore, the basic offer of podiatry services includes: reconstruction of the nail plate, insertion, corrections and removal of the corrective clamp, taping, wound cleansing, iontophoresis, bathing with the Schiele method.

A podiatry office, i.e. an idea for a business

Running a podiatry office is associated with serious requirements from the sanepidu. It is necessary to comply with the applicable regulations, which are constantly being updated. In addition, regulations are published in the Journals of Laws, which can be found, for example, on the websites of the Ministry of Economy or the Ministry of Health. They concern the safety of the patient and the subologist performing the procedures.

The regulations apply not only to the rules of work, but also to the design of the office, which should be adapted to receive patients and carry out treatments. The design of individual rooms should enable efficient office communication.

Therefore, the living room should include a waiting room for the patient, reception, treatment room, toilet, podiatrist’s office and a room for disinfection and sterilization of tools.

A podiatry office, or the basic steps to business

The key to success in the podiatry industry is, above all, appropriate equipment, continuous development and industry training. A podiatry office should have specialized equipment and functional furniture. The guidelines indicated by the Polish Podological Society are helpful in this regard.

The standards they set apply to devices and equipment, as well as individual protection measures that guarantee the safety of the patient and the specialist performing the procedure.

Mobile podology office

An interesting business option seems to be a mobile podology office. It is particularly applicable to patients with physical disabilities, reduced mobility or the elderly. This type of service can be performed in hospitals, hospices, but also private homes, which is an alternative to visits to stationary surgeries. Also in the case of this offer, the Polish Podology Society indicates the basic equipment that a mobile office should have.

This group includes, among others, the following devices and accessories: podiatry milling machine, stool, magnifying glass lamp, footrest, mobile bathtub, bags, suitcases, transport trolley, disposable or sterilization tools prepared for each patient separately.

In addition, a mobile podology office should be equipped with a disinfectant liquid for hands and tools, specialist dressings, foot care preparations, paper towels, foiled napkins, an electric extension cord, as well as containers for storing tools and accessories and baskets for the disposal of used materials. Personal protective equipment for the patient and podiatrist is also necessary.

Another tip for mobile podology offices is to invest in a disinfection room, which is an essential element of the work of every podiatrist. In addition, the room can act as a storage for tools and specialized accessories or even documentation.

As you can easily guess, having such a room is associated with costs. However, they are much lower than renting a place to run a stationary office. In this way, you can save the costs associated with renting or buying a facility.

To sum up, podiatry is a field that combines both elements of medicine and cosmetology, which is why the profession requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Due to the wide interest in this subject, more and more podiatry clinics are being created, which are an interesting idea for women’s business. In order to perform one’s job well, it is necessary to constantly improve one’s qualifications and competences.

Numerous training courses available in the offer of many training centers and even universities are helpful in this. You can also take part in medical and cosmetology fairs or industry conferences, which are a valuable and valuable source of knowledge in the field of podiatry.

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